ZENIGO Around the World

Find us in Tulum, Mexico City & Los Angeles Locations

Jan 23 - Jun 30

ZENIGO in Los Feliz, LA

You can´t miss the opportunity to visit ZENIGO´s showroom in Los Angeles and meet the designer who will talk you through the entire Collection and its roots. 1.- Reserve the Date (for yourself or a group of friends), texting to +18054521979: Example: ZEN TULUM SHOWROOM - 4 People - February 10th 6pm. 2.- You will receive confirmation, or date availability as well as the great question: Rosé or Tea? =) Thank you for caring about people & Earth with us

Jan 24 - Apr 30

ZENIGO in Boonilo´ob Tulum

Boonilo´ob is an authentic Tulum Store located literally over the white sand of Tulum Beach, in Akiin Plaza. *Visit Boonilo´ob barefoot & wearing your bikini for an authentic shopping experience in an absolute Tulum Style =)

Akiin Plaza in Tulum Beach Road


Jan 24 - Jul 31

ZENIGO in Aruma Tulum

Aruma Collective is an elegant Fashion Boutique Store in Aruma Hotel downtown, its a boutique focus on selling men and women clothing and accesories mainly hand made and natural. Find our Zenigo Essentials,Organic Cotton Guayaberas and Blouses for Men and Women in this stunning store.

Jan 24 - Sep 30


UICAB is a gorgeous little Boutique Store, located in Downtown, next to Famous Burrito Amor. Don´t miss the opportunity to see this authentic chill caribbean style store and ask for exclusive pieces of ZENIGO.

Av. Tulum Downtown, next to Burrito Amor


Jan 24 - Jun 30

ZENIGO in Orenda Tulum

Orenda is an exclusive concept store located in one of the most amazing neighborhoods in Tulum, Aldea Zama. *Visit Orenda for an exquisite look into high quality Mexican Design of clothing, accessories and home goods & decor.

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