Meet the Team

This is the main team that works hard everyday to make ZENIGO possible.  But the truth is, that without the talent, the spirit & love of amazing artisans around different ethnic tribes of Mexico & the world, ZENIGO would not exist. We honor them and honor all the people involved in our process of creating slow fashion pieces to contribute to a conscious & ZEN collective. 

Eganie. Founder & Lead Designer. She studied Marketing, has a degree in Dramatic Arts and is a Certified Yoga & Meditation Instructor from Samye Dechi Ling Monastery in Gerona Spain. Started ZENIGO by promoting tribal textiles & techniques around Europe, then she established the Slow Sustainable Fashion Brand in Tulum Mexico. "Zenigo is a huge challenge, but what keeps me going every day is promoting the talent of tribes that can´t compete with the fast industrial world." "That´s the essence."

Gema. Partner in ZENIGO MX Division. PR & Logistics Coordinator in Mexico. Gema has worked as a freelance producer in Mexico City, also managing Logistics in Casa Jaguar Tulum and in an exclusive chain of hotels in the same magical town previous to join the noble cause and sustainable fashion world of our Ethical Slow Fashion Brand to which she gives her heart every day. "ZENIGO has open my eyes into a dream that I always had & I wasn´t even conscious about it"

Yoni. Graphic Designer & Art Advisor Collaborator. Yoni studied Filmmaking & Marketing in Milan, Italy, has worked in creative digital content in Italy, New York & LA. He joined the brand as a collaborator in 2016 and since then "I can´t stop loving ZENIGO" in his words. From the moment he step in, He has been a big support not only in his area but in everything needed, even being a model for the men´s line which he would not do for nothing else in the entire universe! =)

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