Meet the Team

This is the main team that works hard everyday to make ZENIGO possible.  But the truth is, that without the talent, spirit & love of amazing ethnic artisans around different tribes of Mexico & the world, ZENIGO would not exist. We honor them and honor all the people involved in our process of creating slow fashion pieces to contribute to a conscious & ZEN collective. 

Eganie. Founding Director, Lead Designer & Visionary. Started promoting Mexican tribal textiles in Europe back in 2010, followed by the birth of her own Slow Sustainable Fashion Brand ZENIGO in Tulum, Mexico. She is a professional actor and a certified yoga & meditation instructor. "Being abroad due to my acting career, ZENIGO became a huge challenge, but my motor is the talent of tribal artisans who can´t compete with the fast industrial world & spreading the value & impact of Slow Fashion"

Yoni. Managing Partner & Art Advisor. Has worked in creative and digital productions in Israel, Europe & USA. Today he is managing various sustainable projects in Mexico. From the moment he stepped in with us, he has given his all in order to help the brand evolve, even being our official men´s line model, which is something he would not do for anything else in the entire universe =). "I can´t stop loving ZENIGO"

Levi & Aby. Handmade Embroidery for Tribal Collection. Communication with artisan´s tribes of Sierra Negra. They have been working with Zenigo since 2017, have been a great help & most importantly a great bond between the brand and the heart of it, which is the different ethnic tribes. They speak Nahuatl dialect which helps us to communicate & empower these various indigenous tribes by our constant collaboration.

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