Honoring Mazahua Community, a Mexican indigenous tribe located near the famous town of Valle de Bravo, Mexico.

Mazahua´s are a very important part of ZENIGO´s team,  since we started the brand together, promoting fair trade for their products around the world and then establishing a team work with our designs and earthy natural fabrics mixed with their magical talent.

Filomena, her daughters and her entire family´s talent will leave you speechless.

You will be delighted with the different handmade techniques of ellaborating the fabric of our designs.

Starting with fabrics completely handwoven in backstrap loom, wooden loom and finishing wIth hand made embroidery gorgeous details, you will be taken to the origins, to the tribal, to the natural, earthy touch.

Discover more about ZENIGO and the MAZAHUAS by keeping in touch with us and following our blog. =)

Thank you for caring for people and earth with ZENIGO!