February was a MAGIC month for ZENIGO, Founder & Designer @eganiezaga attended Sourcing at Magic in Las Vegas Convention Center, where she talked about Ethical & Sustainable Fashion.

She explained the challenges our brand faces every day in this industry, since we are a slow fashion brand. She also mention the challenges in terms of quality control and losses the brand has to absorb since each of the pieces are handmade, and she talked about the importance of consuming better:

She explained that ZENIGO´s motor is not the fashion itself, but the pursuit of being part, and helping create an awareness towards conscious consumption that doesn't endanger the environment.

She mentioned the brand´s motivation to help people of low resources to compete with this modern world as it is the indigenous tribes around Mexico that she works with.

She visited Project Womens, an iniciative in Mandalay Bay Convention Center that brought together brands from all over the world.

"It was definitely an EYE OPENER to be there, all participant brands are amazing and I honor them, but I was there to learn from them and ironically I learned more about my own brand.  How unique ZENIGO is, how deep and good hearted this brand which I have the pleasure now to serve is, and how important it is to continue this path, always sourcing for better and more organic fabrics and impulsing the artisanal craft of embroidery and ancient skills to help the developement of tribes not only form Mexio but from around the world with a real fair trade"

Thank you for your folllow and support, if you have any comment or  question about the brand, manufacturers, craftmen, tribes , the team, and designers please write us to zyonironn@gmail.com or eganie@gmail.com